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PhD Position PUR ChemCycling

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student with interest in organic chemistry who likes to work on a multidisciplinary, applied project in a stimulating, international environment. An MSc degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering is required by the time of employment. You are a collaborative and proactive person, a team player and you want to become a scientific expert and independent researcher.

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PHD position dense polyelectrolyte complexes as stable anion exchange membranes for h2o2 production

A PhD project is available regarding the production and characterization of new and sustainable ion-exchange membranes. Membranes play a critical role in the production of safe drinking water and the treatment of human waste streams, but they also take on an increasingly important role in industrial electrochemical processes. This projects will investigate a highly novel approach allowing the production of the highly stable anion exchange membranes through simple hot-pressing of polyelectrolyte complexes.

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