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Saskia Lindhoud successfully completes SUTQ

Saskia Lindhoud has successfully completed her Senior University Teaching Qualification (SUTQ) and received her certificate on April 14, 2023. This is an achievement she can be proud of. During her SUTQ, Saskia conducted research on Blended Learning, used Learning Analytics, and experimented with peer learning.

Blended Learning is a teaching method that combines online and offline learning. Learning Analytics involves collecting data on students' learning processes, analysing it, and using it to improve education. Peer learning involves students learning from each other, for example, by working together on assignments.


"The experiences I gained during my research have given me a lot of insight. I am also happy that my field of physical chemistry has measurable units, so it is not necessary to constantly define what a particular concept means."

Achieving her SUTQ certificate is a great accomplishment for Saskia, who focused her research on improving education. With her knowledge and experience, she can contribute to the development of new teaching methods and optimize the learning process for students.