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5 papers of Jurriaan Huskens accepted within one week

Streptavidin coverage on biotinylated surfaces
Erik Hamming and Jurriaan Huskens
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021, in press


Production of furans from C5 and C6 sugars in presence of polar organic solvents
Luca Ricciardi, Willem Verboom, Jean-Paul Lange, Jurriaan Huskens
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2021, in press

Multivalent non-covalent interfacing and cross-linking of supramolecular tubes
Fangyuan Xiu, Anamarija Knežević, Supaporn Kwangmettatam, Daniele Di Iorio, Jurriaan Huskens, Tibor Kudernac
Advanced Materials 2021, in press

Vesicle-based artificial cells: materials, construction methods and applications
Yao Lu, Giulia Allegri, Jurriaan Huskens
Materials Horizons 2021, in press