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Pascal Jonkheijm

Turbo Grant for Pascal Jonkheijm For medical technical research projects

Growing bone-on-chip

Pascal Jonkheijm (UT) and Nico Sommerdijk (Radboudumc)

Organ-on-chip and organoids (or ‘mini-organs’) are promising models for investigating physiological and pathological processes in tissue. In bone research, however, the development of these models is lagging behind. With this TURBO project, Pascal Jonkheijm (UT) and Nico Sommerdijk (Radboudumc) aim to change that. The aim is to examine the healthy bone formation, specifically the role of stem cells in bone structure and organisation. With this in mind, they will develop an organoid-on-chip model to study patient-specific mechanisms of genetic bone disorders. It will also enable the effects of potential therapies to be studied. This project combines the University of Twente’s knowledge of organ-on-chip development with Radboud University Medical Center’s expertise in live-imaging technology. 


The TURBO program started in 2017 and is an acronym for 'Twente University Radboudumc Opportunities.' It ties in with the TOPFIT program, which gives further effect to the ‘Concepts for a Healthy Life' innovation profile of the East region in the Netherlands. The purpose of a TURBO grant is to prepare a project for acquiring larger, external funding, such as those provided by national and European funds and companies that are active in the field of health care and technology.