Computers and software

When you arrive, you should already have a computer account, and an e-mail address from the faculty TNW (if not, contact Richard or Marcel). Both accounts have the same password, and are working in a Windows Active directory environment, the e-mail is managed by Microsoft Exchange, using Ms-Outlook (not Outlook Express!) as the e-mail program.

Please use the username given to you by the faculty also on your private laptop, it makes connections to the network and printers much easier. Private laptops will not be supported.


We have a joined computer system, with a file server and around 50 workstations, some of which are open for everyone, some are connected to equipment and meant for measurements only. The hostname of the server is (\\\tnw\bnt\) or (\\\tnw\mnf) and it has a disk called (\\\tnw\bnt\people) or (\\\tnw\mnf\people) (Z:) for storing your research data. We have chosen the drive letter Z:\ for the drive. You will receive  a private subfolder with a 5 GB quotum. Data is backed up automatically every evening following a working day from 23.00 h onward. For exchange of data we have public (\tnw\bnt\) or (\tnw\mnf) (Y:) (we have chosen Y:\ as drive letter). IMPORTANT: the so-called “public” drive is not private (all group members have access to all folders/subfolders), and this drive is not backed up!!! Only put an important file on Y:\public if you already have a copy on the Z:\people drive!

Your computer account is “roaming”, this means all settings you change on one computer, will be also changed upon logging in to another one in the TNW domain.

Wireless access

The whole university campus has a fast wireless network system. Soon after your arrival you receive a letter from the computer department with your coworkers number (or student number), and a password. This is used for many things such as web applications from the university, but also for your wireless network account (Eduroam).

Click here for more information about VPN, Eduroam and data storage

Group software

The group has a license for MNova (NMR software) that you can also install on private laptops, and will work as long as you have an active EduVPN connection. Furthermore, we can supply you with an installation file for Coreldraw. Please ask Richard for an installation file.

Please note that there is also some software available through the website of the UT notebook service center ( Typical useful titles are Matlab, Endnote, and Origin. Please realize that the group is paying for this per installed program , so only install when you need it.