Pyranha protocol

Piranha protocol

Piranha solutions are used to remove organic residues from substrates. The traditional piranha solution is a 3:1 mixture of sulfuric acid and 30% hydrogen peroxide.  The solution may be mixed before application or directly applied to the material, applying the sulfuric acid first, followed by the peroxide.  Piranha solutions, max 2L, are extremely energetic and may result in explosion or skin burns if not handled with extreme caution. You need an instruction for using this fume hood.



Do not store piranha.  Mix fresh solution for each use.  Excess solutions should be disposed via the drain, followed by flushing with copious amounts of water.

Emergency Procedures


Do not collect for disposal.  After the material has cooled, aspirate excess piranha and dispose via the drain, flushing the drain with copious amounts of water.