ML-1 labs

ML-1 classification labs


Within our department we have 2 GMO labs classified as ML-1,  a cell culture lab CR4.319 and a bacterial lab CR4.218. All doors to the GMO labs remain closed during all experiments. Access to these labs is restricted to those who are aware of the risks of entering the room. GMO-activities are restricted to project members or employees/students working under the supervision of project members. Dedicated labcoats are obligatory (and not allowed to be worn outside this lab!). Hands must be washed upon entering and before leaving this lab.

Project members

All people working in one of these labs need approval and are registered in the logbook, which is in the GMO-lab. Those performing GMO experiments independently (PhD-students) in this lab need signed consent from the biological safety officer (Ilja Sitters), i.e. they must be certified project members who have been admitted at ML-1 level. All people performing non-GMO experiments (students) can receive consent by Regine van der Hee.

The names of all project members and non-GMO experimenters are registered in the dedicated lab logbook, which means that if your name is not in it, you are not allowed to work in this lab. Registered persons have unlimited access. To gain access to this lab, please contact Regine van der Hee for an introduction.


Liquid waste (ML-1) is collected in a marked conical flask with sufficient amount of fresh bleach (~10%), as indicated on the flask. After at least  30 min of incubation with bleach, the flask can be emptied in the sink.

Solid waste is collected in the blue bins with single closure yellow lids. Every 2-3 weeks or when full, the bins are collected by technicians for destruction by a certified company.

Waste and potentially contaminated material has to be stored in a sealed container or bag and has to be labeled appropriately.

Contaminated material

Re-used material needs to be decontaminated with 70% ethanol or autoclaved. After decontamination the material can be washed according to the normal procedure. Bring it to the dishwasher yourself.


A dedicated lab coat has to be worn during all activities. Normal cleaning activities (floors, doors & sink) are performed by trained and dedicated cleaning personnel (registered). Cleaning work benches is not included in the activities of the cleaning personnel. Extra cleaning activities are performed by the labmembers themselves following a corvee-list available inside both ML-1 labs.

Duty list project members

Cleaning tasks:

If you have questions or if you are not able to fulfill your tasks please contact Pascal or Regine.