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Internships, graduation, PhD students, UT and non-UT guests

Internships and graduation

The rules and procedures concerning internships and graduation are fixed for every master’s program, please check blackboard or the examination guide of the faculty.

At Self-Assembled nanoSystems you are expected to work normal office hours, and to present your research results in a half-way talk (for master students) and in a final talk (for bachelor and master students).

PhD students

A new Ph.D. student has electronically received the document “Plan for Training and Guidance” before arrival to the group. This document was completed by the student together with his/her coach. The signed form will be filed at the Personnel Department, and in the student’s file at the secretary. Further information for PhD students can be found on the UT website.

Guest researchers

All, UT and non-UT, guest researchers who will perform work in our labs will receive an general introduction and will need the safety introduction. Please contact the sercretariat. They also need to announce themselves at the secretary upon their start and departure from their period of work in our lab.

In addition, non-UT guest researchers need to fill out a P-NUT form at the secretary.