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General rules and guidelines

Arrival / Departure member

On the first working day the secretary, will give you the necessary information, your key; please read all information carefully. The secretary will plan an introduction and safety tour in order for you to get acquainted with the labs and general conduct regulations.

When you have come to the end of your stay, please notify the secretary in time. Things like lab journals, lab coat and keys, should be returned.

Registration, days off and illness

When you take holiday or just a few days off, you have to apply for it by using AFAS/My HR. The secretary will make your absence visible to all group members on the screen in the corridor.

When you are ill, you must also report this in AFAS/MyHR and preferably let the secretary know, either by e-mail or phone (tel. 053-489 2980) and your daily supervisor before 10:00 a.m. When you have recovered, you must register this in AFAS/MyHR as well.

Research meetings

M&M meetings: Members (all PhDs and Postdocs) of the laboratory will need to present their recently performed work / research during the biweekly colloquium. The colloquium consists of lectures from members of different groups. The schedule is distributed by the secretary. About twice a year, everyone will be asked to give a presentation. After the talk, that may take 20 minutes, there is time for discussion (5-10 minutes).

Group and individual meetings: your supervisor will inform you about which meetings apply to you. These meetings will be scheduled by the secretary. 


Occasionally you will need to travel for work. Within The Netherlands you can travel by public transport with the NS Business card which you will receive at the start of your employment.

Flights have to be booked by the secretary. Please contact them when you want to book a flight and / or consult them about the price of a hotel room.

When traveling abroad you also need a travel insurance. You can arrange this through the web- applications or consult the secretary.


When you make work-related costs, you can apply for reimbursement through the web-applications. Please make sure you keep your original receipts/tickets. Otherwise reimbursement is not possible.