Use of Equipment

General rules for use of our equipment.

 Never use any equipment without the proper introduction from the responsible person.

With a lab-population as big as ours, we should try to find the optimum between our own interests and those of our colleagues.

See a list with responsible persons on the website. Please contact that person to get instruction on how to use the machine.

In the case somebody from outside our cluster is interested to use our equipment, please direct them to one of the technicians. They will decide whether permission is granted, if necessary after consultation with staff members. If the decision is positive, this person will

  1. receive an introduction to the machine,
  2. follow the safety tour,
  3. be added to the users list of that machine
  4. be allowed  to pick up a guest key at the secretary.


We have 2 NMR machines available, 300MHz (Cr4.315) and 600 MHz (Cr4.060). For the  600 MHz you have to fill in a request form, and after consultation with Bianca Ruel you can offer it together with your sample. The 300 MHz is equipped with a robot and is used as a ‘self service’ machine. You can use it after instruction given by Bianca Snellink,


There are 2 mass spectrometers in our lab. One for routine analysis (Advion  ExpressionL) and one for accurate analysis and for molmasses >1500D (Micromass LCT -TOF).


The Advion is equipped with an ESI (Electrospray ionization) and APCI (atmospheric pressure chemical ionization) source.  The Advion is coupled to a TLC plate express for quick analysis of organic compounds. Measuring solids is also an option.

The Micromass LCT-TOF is our back-up machine and only accessible for special requests such as high accuracy or higher masses (1500-2500D).  Contact Regine van der Hee for more information.