Computers and software

Upon arrival, you receive a computer account and a e-mail address .Both computer account and e-mail address have the same password. Before using the account, you have to change the initial password using the webpage. University workstations use Windows as operating system, and mostly Microsoft Office 365. Students and guests that stay for a period < 1year will have access to Microsoft office 2021.


We have a joined computer system, with a file server and around 50 workstations, some of which are open for everyone, some are connected to equipment and meant for measurements only. You will be granted a private folder (Z:\\\tnw\groupname\people\username), where you should store all your research data.

If you want to transfer some material to other group members, you can use the so-called Public folder: Y: \\\tnw\groupname\public. Every group member has modify rights to content of this folder (so can delete as well!). So, only put files here that are already stored on your private folder.

Wireless access via eduroam

You can arrange wireless access using EduRoam. Information on installing EduRoam can be found on Also the information for installing EduVPN can be found here.

Group software

Much of the software that we use in the groups, is available for installation on your private laptop. For MNOVA (NMR software) we have a permanent group license, software available via Richard. MNOVA works also from outside of campus, but you will need a EduVPN connection in that case.

Programs like Originlab, SolidWorks, Matlab are available via the website of the notebook service centre

An account for SciFinder (literature database) can be obtained via

Chemdraw is (after selfregistration on available for installation using your University of Twente e-mail address (either student of coworker).

The chemical digital lab journal we use is Signals Notebook Standard Edition from Perkin Elmer. It uses Chemdraw as a drawing program. Accounts can be obtained via Richard.

A more Biochemistry based digital lab journal we use is Benchling. For an account on this digital lab journal contact Sandra Michel-Souzy.

Printing on Follow-me Xerox printers.

The driver for the Follow-me printer can be installed by typing \\ and doubleclicking on the Follow-Me printer icon that shows up. The first time that you print and have you employee- or student card read by the printer, you get an error message (card not recognized), and an A4 with a code (and where to put that code) is printed. Fill in the code on the webpage mentioned, and from that moment you should be able to print.

Group e-mail addresses.

At the moment, each research group in Molmat has its own group e-mail address:,,, and

You will be able to receive group e-mails send to your own group, but you are allowed to send mails to each of the four group e-mail addresses. If you want to addres all four groups, you can use

Important: if sending mail to a group e-mail address, it is not allowed to send at the same time this mail to an external e-mail address.