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Signature former LT-members on “Wall of Fame”

Eight PhD students of the former chair “Low Temperatures” have signed the so-called “Wall-of-Fame” in the presence of the beadle, Wim Koehorst. In the 80’s and 90’s the chair Low Temperatures worldwide played an important role in research for fundamentals and applications of high temperature superconductors, for instance electronics, sensors and magnets. The former LT employees have all found a position in science and represent various research areas within the faculty TNW.

From the following persons, now all (associate) professors at the Faculty of Science & Technology, you can find the signature with the addition "LT" on the wall-of-fame:

Dave Blank
Marcel ter Brake
Alexander Brinkman
Bennie ten Haken
Hans Hilgenkamp
Mark Huijben
Gertjan Koster
Guus Rijnders