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Cryogenic heat and mass transfer conference, 4-5 November 2019

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Monday 04 November 2019 

Poster pitches

Tuesday 05 November 2019

Applied Cryogenics in Life Sciences: The Case of Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Jean-Pierre Bernard

Air Liquide

Non-Metallic Cryoprobe for Cryo-ablation

John Pfotenhauer

University of Wisconsin Madison

Water losses during freezing: key influencing factors

Didier Pathier

Air Liquide

Cryogenic tissue fixation for molecular medicine

Henk Dekker

Amsterdam Medical Center


Kristian Overduin

Radboud UMC

Heat and mass transfer analysis for the design of the cryogenic system for the HLLHC IT String

Gabriella Rolando


Rotor Cooling System for the Assumed superconductive Motor

Ruud van der Woude


Hydrogen gas gap heat switch working in 150-400 K temperature range

Jorge Barreto

Lisbon University

Thermal conductance of interleaving fins

Michiel van Limbeek

University of Twente

Heat transfer inside Cryocoolers and its impact

Tonny Benschop

Thales Cryogenics

Low-vibration and drift miniature cryogenic stage for Cryo-EM applications

Pieter-Paul Lerou

Demcon Kryoz

Automated cryo-EM sample preparation by pin-printing and jet vitrification

Peter Peters

Maastricht University

VitroJet: next generation sample preparation for cryo-EM

Bart Beulen

Cryosol World

High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Tomography – Current State and Future Prospects

Sebastian Tacke

Max Plank Institute, Dortmund


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