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The Dynamic Solids group aims to describe the atomic and electronic structure of complex crystals at finite temperature and pressure. The atomic/molecular constituents of these crystals show types of motions that cannot be describe d by simple harmonic springs, for example rotations, rattling or diffusing ions. We therefore construct inter-atomic potentials using sophisticated machine learning techniques based on first principles electronic structure informat ion. These potentials are hereafter used to simulate large crystal supercells under ambient conditions. We are especially enthusiastic about projects that combine (application driven) method development with powerful experimental characterization techniques for promising novel materials for energy applications. Examples of such materials are perovskite solar cells, superionic conductors and solid state batteries.

Interested, and want to know more? Feel free to contact us by mail.

Dr. Menno Bokdam
Computational Chemical Physics
University of Twente
Faculty of Science and Technology
and MESA+ Institute
Enschede, the Netherlands

m.bokdam AT