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Ravindra Shinde

"You're a quizzard, Harry!"

CCP members win a pub quiz!

The faculty club of Science and Technology organized the first edition of what is to become an annual event, the faculty pub quiz. A team of the CCP group consisting of Raisa Biega, Stuart Shepard, Jacopo Cocomello, and Menno Bokdam participated in the quiz held in the bar of the Gallery building on campus. The team contended under the name: "You're a quizzard Harry!", a wordplay to a quote from the movie Harry Potter. After eight consecutive rounds of questions covering categories ranging from general knowledge to music and film, our team has scored the most points out of 19 contending teams. It was a close call, with only a half-a-point (out of 80) difference from the number two. The challenge cup was awarded to the team by Jan-Willem Timmerman on behalf of the faculty board. Many thanks to the organizing team in the faculty. We are already looking forward to defending the title next year! More photos of the event can be found on the faculty club webpage: Lets-pubquiz.