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BMPI welcomes three new members

June 6th 2014: BMPI welcomes three new members. Last month, three new students joined BMPI for their Master and Bachelor assignments.

Colin Veenstra [First from left] is a Biomedical Engineering master student. In coming months, Colin will investigate about the absorption coefficient measurement using integrating sphere. Possibility of determining absorption coefficient independent of the sample’s scattering properties make this assignment exciting. For more information about the projects involving integrating sphere, contact Yolanda Villanueva (y.y.villanueva@tnw.utwente.nl).

Sjoukje Schoustra [Middle] is another master student specializing in Biomedical Engineering. Coming year, Sjoukje will be working on optimizing the second version of Photoacoustic Mammoscope [PAM2] set up for initial phantom measurements. First invivo measurements on healthy volunteers using PAM2 is also an important part of her assignment. For more information about the projects involving Photoacoustic Mammography, contact Dr. Srirang Manohar (s.manohar@tnw.utwente.nl).

Ivo van der Lugt [ Third from left] is a Biomedical Engineering bachelor student. In his bachelors assignment, Ivo will be focusing on movement artefact problems in LASCA [ Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis] measurements. Main aim of this assignment is to identify and reduce motion artefacts during LASCA measurements. For more information about the LASCA project, contact Prof. Wiendelt Steenbergen (w.steenbergen@utwente.nl).

We wish them good luck with their time in BMPI!