Congratulations Dr. Wenfeng Xia

On 31st of October 2013, Wenfeng Xia successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled:

Optimizing Ultrasound Detection For Sensitive 3D Photoacoustic Breast Tomography"

Wenfeng comprehensively studied improvements in piezoelectric ultrasound detectors, developing one of the most sensitive devices intended for photoacoustic breast imaging. His thesis concludes with a laboratory prototype of a breast imaging system based on such a device. This imager forms the basis for a clinical version being developed. Much of his doctoral work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and his contributions to the field were appreciated by the examination committee.

BMPI congratulates Dr. Xia, his co-promotor Srirang Manohar, and promotors Wiendelt Steenbergen and Ton van Leeuwen.

For more information about Wenfeng’s thesis and the photoacoustic imager, contact Srirang Manohar, , tel. 053 489 3164