Dr. Diederik and Gerrit, MSc

Diederik Grootendorst

May 17th, 2013- BMPI congratulates Diederik Grootendorst and Gerrit Held with obtaining the degree of PhD and MSc respectively.

On the 17th of April 2013, Diederik Grootendorst successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: ‘“Detection of lymph node metastases by photoacoustic imaging”. In August 2011, Diederik obtained his Master’s degree Technical Medicine with his work towards photoacoustic detection of lymph nodes. He performed his work in the ‘Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’ hospital (AVL, Amsterdam) and BMPI. After his graduation he continued his work as a PhD student at the same two institutes and within the amazing short time of somewhat more than 1,5 years he was able to obtain his PhD degree last April.

On the 24th of April 2013, Gerrit Held defended his master thesis regarding the characterization of a handheld photoacoustic image. This work was performed in a joined project between BMPI and Esaote (Maastricht, Nl). Gerrit’s work was graded with an ‘8’. He will now continue his career as a PhD student in Switzerland.

For more information about Diederiks thesis and photoacoustic detection of lymph nodes, contact Srirang Manohar, s.manohar@utwente.nl. For more information about the handheld photoacoustic imager, contact Wiendelt Steenbergen, w.steenbergen@utwente.nl