Technical Medicine


Since 2003 University of Twente has offered Technical Medicine: a new academic discipline aimed at educating professionals who can improve patient care by applying medical technology.

This education fills the gap between classical medicine and complex technology. After 6 years of education each Technical Physician will be a new academic professional who has the knowledge, skills and problem solving mind-set to design and safely apply improveddiagnostics and therapeutics for the benefit of patients.

– Keuzegids Masters 2017

This Master’s programme is amongst the best in The Netherlands

– Keuzegids Masters 2017

This interdisciplinary education consists of a 3 years Bachelor’s and a 3 years Master’s Programme that specializes in 2 tracks: Medical Imaging & Intervention and Medical Sensing & Stimulation. Students spend a lot of time in our state-of-the-art simulated learning environment (ECTM) and they spend 2 years in rotating internships at academic and teaching hospitals. After graduation most of them work in the direct and individual patient care as legally certified technical medical professionals.

The Technical Physician solves complex case-specific patient problems. He improves and carries out challenging technical medical interventions. This includes advising how to treat a tumor situated at a difficult location, (PhD-) and a new model based therapy for ventilation.

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Bachelor's programme Technical Medicine
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