The use of Eduflow has been tested and evaluated in a positive way at the end of the academic year of 2020-2021. The user-friendliness, combination of different feedback activities and the overview of student progress are especially valued in this tool. Eduflow has now become generally available as a tool to facilitate your own (peer) feedback process. Please visit the UT Educational Systems website for more information.


Do you want students to be engaged in more critical reflection? Do you want students to have a deeper understanding of the learned content? With digital (peer) feedback tools these goals can be achieved without much additional effort. Eduflow is a tool that facilitates (peer) feedback on an educational product, such as a report, presentation or poster.

why eduflow 

Eduflow is an online platform that facilitates different feedback activities. As a teacher you can create your own flow of activities, starting with the submission of a product, followed by options for self-, peer- and teacher feedback. It is also possible to ask students to judge the value of the feedback they have received from their peers. As teacher you have an overview of the progress of the students, criteria analysis and all the feedback that is provided. Students can hand in their product individually or as a group. Review is done on an individual level, this can be done anonymously or not.  


how to use eduflow

Eduflow is integrated with Canvas and can be implemented in your Canvas course. 


Please visit the UT Educational Systems website for more information about Eduflow or check out the Eduflow help center. If you would like to have a demo and/or use Eduflow in your own course(s), you can contact the CES-IM ICTO team (