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Education Project Request From

This from is meant for educational staff who would like to create a project on XNAT Education.

Questions marked with an * are required.

Please note that the Project Title, Running Title and Project ID can not be changed after project creation.

Enter the full name of your project here. This will show up on project listings.

Create a simple abbreviation of your project name, using 24 characters or less. Spaces are allowed. This will be commonly used in menus and UI elements.

Create a one word project identifier. This is used in the database and for automatic data routing.

Optional: Provide a description of your project. This is for reference only and is not searchable.

Provide searchable keywords. Each word, separated by a space. Please include the type of Imaging (CT, XRAY, etc).

Optional: Enter alternate aliases (for example: Canvas codes) that this project can be identified by.