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Symposium Diabetes on return - 12 February 2019

Symposium Diabetes on return - 12 February 2019

(Source: TechMed newsletter February 2019 - edition 2)

Can we improve the treatment of diabetes? And what are the current and future developments? These and more questions were te main topics of the event "Diabetes on return". During the 3-hour program several inspirational lectures took place and the first steps were taken to create new collaborations. During the closed afternoon session, this important topic was followed up and the guests were challenged during various round table discussions to tackle specific issues. The created canvases created surprising and new insights for all participants. It was a very successful day.

More information about this event can be found on:!/2019/2/207666/symposium-diabetes-on-return

This event was organized by Vitaal Twente, TOPFIT and Personalized eHealth Technology (strategic program of TechMed Centre).  

For an impression of the whole day, click here