TechMed mobilises forces to support hospitals

Symbitron+ exoskeleton gets ready for Cybathlon 2020

The Symbitron+ team will be participating in the powered exoskeleton race of the Cybathlon 2020 in Zürich. During the powered exoskeleton race, pilots with complete paraplegia will negotiate an obstacle course consisting of typical everyday tasks such as climbing stairs or sitting down on a chair.

The Symbitron+ team originated from the EU Symbitron project. Its main goal is to enhance functional walking abilities of people with Spinal Cord Injury by improving the symbiotic interaction between the human and the exoskeleton. We will train our test pilots in our Wearable Robotics Laboratory.

The Symbitron exoskeleton is a force controlled exoskeleton with actuation on hip, knee and ankle. It provides the necessary support to people with complete or incomplete paralysis of the legs. Active propulsion and balance control are our current developments. 

See here for more information on the Symbitron+ team and the Cybathlon.