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Human subject research is possible within the simulation centre’s Physiology Lab. This lab is dedicated to all kinds of experiments (mainly diagnostic) in which human subjects are involved. This can be experiments for educational purposes, in which students have to apply a certain technique on fellow students. On the other hand, experiments with human subjects (healthy and patients) are executed within specific research programs or clinical evaluation studies.

It consists of several examination rooms and rooms equipped with a variety of medical equipment ranging from EEG (ANT & CSS), EMG, ECG systems to doppler techniques and clinical ultrasound systems (Siemens S3000, S2000 & S1000) or Oxycon Pro & Mobile setups for exercise physiology.

In addition, physiological stimulation can be applied by a variety of technologies, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, electrostimulation, mechanical perturbation or visual stimuli.

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