ICU Complex

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Within the Simulation Centre, two simulated Intensive Care Units are available for acute care training. Both rooms are equipped with high fidelity manikins from CAE Healthcare (CAE HPS and MetiMan). State of the art monitoring and ventilation equipment from Philips (MX 800, Respironics V680) is used in conjunction with the manikins to create realistic training scenarios for acute care specialists and teams. Additionally, the validated physiological models that drive the manikins are used as an educational instrument for the physiology courses for Technical Medicine students.

Team performance can be monitored through one-way screens. A safe learning environment is key to a positive learning experience, so the privacy of staff and students is guaranteed through a variety of screening options.

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Debriefing is a vital part of simulation training, and dedicated debriefing rooms are located near the ICU and OR facilities.