About the BMS Lab

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The BMS LAB is the faculty lab for the faculty Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS). The lab is a catalyst of high standing and innovative research and education.

The BMS LAB has access to over 400 m2 of facilities with locations in the Cubicus and the DesignLab. Numerous setups are possible for research, education and external partners thanks to our flexible to set up and changeable lab spaces. Tech support is available on generic, but also specialist areas including behavioural research, virtual reality and physiological measurements.

Furthermore, the high-end (measuring) equipment is available for measurements and experiments. BMS Lab offers a wide range of ambulant physiological sensor systems: eye-tracking, GSR, Facial Expression Analysis, EMG, ECG, PPG and EEG. But also experience sampling, cohort study software, intervention apps, and a mobile laboratory for measurements in naturalistic settings.

For more information visit the BMS Lab website.