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TechMed Centre experience - Open House UT

TechMed Centre experience - Open House UT

The University of Twente will open its doors on Saturday 3 June. Young and old, people who are curious about what takes place on campus are welcome and discover various activities. The TechMed Centre will of course join this great initiative. In the TechMed Centre (Technohal, building No 18) we create for the little ones, a 'Children's Square' and older children and adults can walk around the building and will be informed/inspired at demos and join workshops. In addition, we refer visitors to other TechMed facilities located on the campus of the University of Twente (but not located in the TechMed Centre (Technohal).

Where & When

  • Date: 3 June 2023
  • Time: 10.00 - 16.00
  • Language: Dutch & English
  • Format: live event
  • Location: TechMed Centre (and all other buildings on the campus of the University of Twente)

Programme & activities

During your visit to the TechMed Centre (Technohal) you can participate in the following activities. This overview will be updated as the event gets closer.

Children's playground

For children up to around 8 years old, a square full of fun activities will take place in the middle of the building. We introduce the children to medical technology in an accessible way:

  • A large MRI air cushion where children can lie (do not jump) and do a simple assignment
  • In the Photo Booth, children can take an action photo in a doctor's coat.
  • There will be a huge colouring page (2,5 mtr x 2,5 mtr) that must of course be fully coloured at the end of the day.
  • UV mirror shows which (harmful) effects UV light has on your skin and protection by sunscreen.
  • Navigation system for puncturing blood vessels 'Vasculuminator'.
  • Learn about food with the interactive shopping cars
  • Eve robot - experience remote touch
  • Participating in research: Research is for everyone! Today you can see which researchers need your help. Sign up for future research or share your research idea!

Have you completed all activities? Then you have earned your 'Technical Medical Doctor of the Future certificate' (with the colouring page on the back).

TechMed Experience

Do you want to experience what is taking place on a technological medical aspect on the University of Twente (and possibly in collaboration with partners)? Then we recommend that you follow this tour. We have mapped out a route that takes you via our highlights. At every 'stop' a demo/workshop/explanation will take place at certain times. This will take place in small groups and takes a few minutes. If you have just missed this, you can wait for it or walk to the next stop (and always walk back). Personalize your own TechMed experience!

Science square

  • How can a biopsy robot remove a piece of tissue from people?
  • Meet 'Metiman'. This fake patient can simulate all kinds of diseases.
  • Phantom exhibition: What do human organs look like?
  • A simulation of a hemodialysis therapy executed by an Artificial kidney innovation.
  • Imaging the human circulatory system
  • How can the mobile alcohol avoidance training 'brain the boss' help problem drinkers to reduce their drinking problems?
  • How is movement captured in an Xsens MVN Suit? This IMU suit consists of 17 sensors that can be placed on different body segments and record measurements
  • How can we help patients at high risk of developing chronic pain to identify detection thresholds, enabling earlier treatment?
  • Talk with a virtual assistant for informed decisions

Techmed Tour

  • Operation Room: Everyone knows the operating room (OR) from the hospital. But what technical gadgets can all be found here nowadays and why do we have an operating room in the UT? One of our students will tell you everything about it on our hybrid OK.
  • Intensive Care: Patients with all kinds of different diseases lie in the Intensive Care (IC). On our IC in the TechMed Centre is our fake patient who can "replay" different scenarios. For example, doctors in training can practice here before they actually go into the clinic - come and meet this patient.
  • Ultrasound: At Echo, also called ultrasound, everyone thinks of a technique to see babies in the belly of a pregnant woman, but actually much more is possible with it! In our simulation space, you will find out what this is, and how ultrasound actually works. The Demo Bodypaint takes place here. You can see where the organs are in the body.
  • Laparoscopy:  At first glance, the laparoscopy space may look like a game space, but in this room, you can experience what it is like to perform a viewing operation. If you are curious about how good your hand-eye coordination is, come and take a look! This activity is suitable for young and old.
  • e-Health House: It is important that patients are fired from the hospital as quickly as possible and can go home. Even more important is that this happens in a safe way. In the E-Health House, you will hear about all kinds of sensors and other tools, such as the interactive LED table that patients can help with this.

Other TechMed activities

In other buildings on campus, you can find many more medical technological labs/spaces with demos and activities. As soon as we have a good overview of this, we will place it here and visualize it on a map.

General programme - Open house

Are you curious about the other interesting research that is taking place at the UT? Then, in addition to the TechMed facilities, certainly, also visit the other participating activities. For more information, we refer you to this event page.


This program part is organized by the TechMed Center Institute. The Technical Medical Centre (TechMed Centre) is a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare by excellent Research, Innovation and Educational programmes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research labs, preclinical testbeds and simulated hospital environments. In our mission to impact society, we stimulate entrepreneurship and enable (new) companies to grow within our regional Novel-T ecosystem. We collaborate with industry, hospitals, governments and insurance agencies on the development of new solutions for healthcare. Read more about the TechMed Centre Institute here