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Dr. Jildau Bouwman

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Senior Scientist

Digital Health: The future of remote patient management

Prevention of disease will be critical for the future of our health care, and providing patients with the right treatment at the right time and at the right location is crucial. The population of the Netherlands is getting older, having a more unhealthy lifestyle, the price of health care is increasing and the number of people willing to work in health care is declining. Digital and remote solutions can help to earlier intervene, with lower costs. This will allow to personalize prevention and treatment of diseases.


Jildau Bouwman works as senior scientist at TNO, the Netherlands. She leads the “digital health technology” program of TNO, that is focusing on health data and development of non-invasive sensors. Her work focusses on omics data interpretation (transcriptomics and metabolomics), data analysis and data management.

The goal of her work is to reuse data to improve public health by personal solutions. This requires data from the whole system (omics data) and from multiple sources (wearables, human (intervention) studies and hospital data). Her vision is that for the reuse of data a rich set of meta data is crucial and that remote patient management can change health care.

Currently she is also working for Health-RI to develop a roadmap for the reuse of data for prevention.