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Alfredo Cesario MD

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Open Innovation Manager at Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS

Empowering Digital Innovation in Medical Practice

The Open Innovation Paradigm as a Catalyst for Personalized Digital Medicine Transition: The Case of Gemelli Digital Medicine & Health

As the market of Digital Health keeps flourishing, GDMH comes into action, empowering medical practice and research with beyond state-of-the-art solutions co-developed and co-created with top-tier academic and industrial partners coming from several industrial domains. Gemelli Digital Medicine & Health (GDMH), a company fully owned by Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli, is a prime integrator and provider of turn-key solutions in Digital Medicine and Health. First movers in the market with the profile of a large general hospital spin off we co-develop and co-create together with the best players in the Digital Medicine scenario, deploy and manage advanced digital medical solutions worldwide with complete ethical, technical, and legal credentials. Our pure potential lies within the clinical expertise of Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli combined with the research assets of Gemelli Generator - Real World Data, a multi-specialistic data sciences center of the Gemelli Science and Technology Park (G-STeP).


Dr. Alfredo Cesario MD is Open Innovation Manager at Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli and CEO of Gemelli Digital Medicine & Health.
Surgical Oncologist, Clinical Researcher, Innovator and Entrepreneur, Dr Cesario has a very long and pragmatic experience in planning, deploying and executing complex research and market-oriented activities involving the uptake of innovation with a robust regulatory framework within biomedical research.
This attitude has pivoted into Digital Medicine starting off the implementation of Systems Medicine approaches (integration of IT and advanced mathematical - including A.I. - methodologies to extract clinically actionable knowledge from medical Data with a particular focus on complex phenotyping in chronic diseases and data-driven clinical decision support systems).