Dr. ir. Liliana Moreira Teixeira

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Dr. Liliana Moreira Teixeira
University of Twente / Utrecht University - ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

Dr. Liliana Moreira Teixeira is an Assistant Professor with a shared position between the department of Developmental BioEngineering, University of Twente, and the department of Veterinary Sciences / Regenerative Medicine Utrecht, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Liliana is a biomedical engineer with a strong background in (micro-) tissue engineering, who is interested in developing advanced microfluidic (patho-) physiological in vitro models for drug screening and personalized medicine approaches. Liliana is particularly interested in using organ-on-a-chip technology to investigate the role of organ communication, mechanobiology and inflammation, in disease processes, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. Dr. Liliana Moreira Teixeira is also the scientific co-lead of the Organ-on-Chip Center Twente, a recently established centre of expertise, which aims at bringing together researchers interested in Organ-on-Chip and share their knowledge.