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Many things have happened over the past half year. Our Scientific Director professor Nico Verdonschot has been appointed as Scientific Director of MedTechNL, so we are searching for his replacement; a group of TechMed researchers founded the special research programme called Women’s Health and, of course, other innovative projects are either starting or reaching important milestones.    

In this magazine, you will find many excellent examples of the regional, national and international MedTech innovations the TechMed Centre stands for, improving healthcare by personalised technology. Nico Verdonschot gives an update on the MedTechNL initiative, for which we will see how to proceed after the disappointment of the national Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds) application. 

We take a look at the successful TechMed spin-off Rhythm who use data science to plan care more efficiently to prevent scaling-down care. You can also read about BRISH, the wearable breathing trainer from Twente, and how it is being developed.  

In the photo report of the Surgical Skills training, you can observe our Technical Medicine students being prepared to become the medical professionals of the future. We also highlight TechMed alumni. The talents from Twente end up in many different places. Have a look at the stories of former TechMed students and discover the added value that our alumni bring to hospitals. 

We hope to meet you all at the TechMed Centre. Above all, be sure to put the TechMed Event on November 2 and 3 as part of the MedTech Twente week in your calendars. It is still far away, so for now: enjoy this edition of the TechMed Magazine! 

The management team of the Technical Medical Centre, 

Remke Burie, Managing Director of the Technical Medical Centre
Heleen Miedema, Director of the Education Division of the Technical Medical Centre 
Dimitrios Stamatialis, Chairman of the Discipline council 
Jouke Tamsma, Medical Director of the Technical Medical Centre 
Nico Verdonschot, Scientific Director of the Technical Medical Centre