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UT Climate Centre Call for Proposals (closed) Seed Funding for Climate-Related Projects

NOTE: this call is now closed. Future calls will be announced on the Climate Centre website.


The UT Climate Centre is pleased to announce a call for proposals for seed funding to support climate-related projects by staff and students at the UT. The centre aims to support projects that can (but not limited to) contribute to developing expertise in using a geo-techno-social approach for climate solutions. The projects can be research and education-related and can cover a range of topics related to addressing the climate crisis.

The seed funding is intended to support ideas related to proposal development, research, communication/publication, educational development, symposium organization, and other activities that advance the goals of the UT Climate Centre. We encourage proposals that bridge disciplinary boundaries and engage with stakeholders beyond academia, including policymakers, industry partners, and civil society organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Staff and students from all faculties and departments of the UT are eligible to apply.
  2. Projects must have a clear focus on climate-related issues.
  3. Priority will be given to projects that have a focus on developing the UT geo-techno-social approach (more details coming, however your ideas related to developing this approach are valued!).
  4. Proposals that bring together expertise from multiple disciplines are strongly encouraged.
  5. Project results must be made openly available

Proposal Submission Guidelines

  1. Proposals should be submitted by email to the UT Climate Centre at climate-centre@utwente.nl, cc to Miriam Luizink (miriam@luizinkadvies.nl).
  2. Proposals that are submitted before June 15, will receive a response before July 1. We will close this round of proposals as of September 1, 2023 and relevant proposals will be handled as they are submitted until the available funding has been designated.
  3. Proposals should be (max) two pages in length and should include the following information:
    1. Project title
    2. Names and affiliations of project team members
    3. Project summary, including the research question(s) and objective(s) (where applicable)
    4. Description of the proposed activities
    5. Project timeline and budget (max €30.000)
    6. Expected outcomes and impact of the project
    7. Relevant expertise and qualifications of the project team members

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by the UT Climate Centre Quartermaster team based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and significance of the proposed project to climate-related issues
  2. Potential impact of the project on the field of climate research or education
  3. Clarity and feasibility of the project design and methodology
  4. Evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with stakeholders
  5. Appropriateness of the budget and timeline

Funding and Timeline

Successful proposals will be awarded up to €30.000 in seed funding to support their project activities. The project and associated costs must be completed by the end of 2023. Recipients of the seed funding will be required to submit a brief (max 2 page) report at the end of the funding period to be publicised on the UT Climate Centre website. The recipients will be announced on July 4 at a special Climate Cafe.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and supporting climate-related projects that advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.


For any questions or clarifications, please contact us at climate-centre@utwente.nl or contact Cheryl de Boer or Mirjam Luizink.