The Green Hub team consists of a diverse group of individuals, from different academic and cultural backgrounds. We believe that this is key to ensure multiple perspectives on complex environmental issues, which transcend disciplines and geographical borders. We are united by our passion for sustainability, technology and equality, and a drive to help shape the society of tomorrow.

On this page, you can find more information about the Green Hub Twente team and our individual perspectives on what sustainability means to us.

Student green officers

Research & Education Student Officers
Ivona Glišić
Research & Education Student Officer

Studying BSc Chemical Science & Engineering

"Strive for the changes that will assure us, and our inheritors balanced and resilient lives."

Gijs van Leeuwen
Research & Education Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society 

"For me, living sustainably means that our relationships - with the environment, each other and ourselves – are fruitful and productive over long periods of time."

Operational Sustainability Student Green Officers
Efia Boakye Addo
Operational Sustainability Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation 

"Sustainability means living a lifestyle in which one considers the future generation and the environment (nature) within the actions of their everyday life."

Xavier Roosendaal
Operational Sustainability Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Business Administration, International Management & Consultancy track

"Sustainability means using all natural resources in a smart and future-proof way – and includes all processes working towards that goal!"

Projects & Community Student Officers
Elsa Boogaard
Projects & Community Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Spatial Engineering

 "To me, sustainability means the ability to exist in balance with each other and our surroundings."

Mrudula Kodihalli Shashikumar
Project & Community Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Electrical Engineering, Specialization in Robotics and Mechatronics 

"Sustainability means living mindfully on how your actions effect the environment, society and personally."

External Affairs & Communication Student Green Officers
Devesh Gulhane
External Affairs & Communication Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Interaction Technology

"Sustainability is the wisdom acquired by being empathetic with nature."

Fenja Gewitsch
External Affairs & Communication Student Green Officer

Studying MA Comparative Public Governance

"Sustainability for me goes beyond environmental protection; it includes social equity and justice, as well as taking responsibility for my own action."

Systems Entrepreneurship Student Green Officers
Jacques Fürst
Systems Entrepreneurship Student Green Officer

Studying BSc Technical Computer Science 

"To me, sustainability means having the will to bring change before change is brought upon us."  

Rosan Verbraak
System Entrepreneurship Student Green Officer

Studying MSc Environmental & Energy Management  

"Sustainability means working together for a better world, small steps taken individually, great steps taken together. A greener world means a group effort."

Specialist support roles

UX/UI Design Specialist
Fredrika Åström
UX/UI Design Specialist

Studying MSc Industrial Design Engineering

"To me, sustainability is about acknowledging the environmental and societal impact of our actions and taking urgent measures to change our ways"

Intrapreneurship & Psycho-Social Wellbeing Specialist
Manoux Klaassen
Intrapreneurship & Psycho-Social Wellbeing Specialist

Studying MSc Business Administration & MSc Communication Science

"Sustainability means to me that, together, we find ways to thrive and flourish mindful of the future, of ourselves, the community and the environment."  

Clean Energy Transition Specialist
Vishnu Shankar Ramesh
Clean Energy Transition Specialist

Studying MSc Sustainable Energy Technology

"Sustainability is achieved as the result of making a product/service renewable at every point in its lifetime."  

Organisational Development and Lean Specialist
Saikiran Samudrala
Organisational Development and Lean Specialist

Studying MSc Mechanical Engineering

"To me, Sustainability is a mission with a plan of action to preserve the people, planet, prosperity and peace for future generations."

portfolio emails

  1. Research & Education : research-education-greenhub@utwente.nl
  2. Operational Sustainability : operational-greenhub@utwente.nl 
  3. Projects & Community: projects-greenhub@utwente.nl
  4. Communication : communications-greenhub@utwente.nl
  5. Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurs-greenhub@utwente.nl
  6. Specialist Support : support-greenhub@utwente.nl

Green Hub coordinator

Alex Baker-Friesen
Green Hub Coordinator

Organisational transformation specialist with a background in complex systems, sustainability science, and the earth sciences.

"To me, Sustainability is the balanced state we reach once we are back in equilibrium with the natural environment as a species; we have to transform towards that state collectively with a holistic, inclusive and intersectional approach."