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The Green Hub Twente team consists of a diverse group of individuals, from different academic and cultural backgrounds. We believe that this is key to ensuring multiple perspectives on complex environmental issues, which transcend disciplines and geographical borders. We are united by our passion for sustainability, technology, and equality, and a drive to help shape the society of tomorrow.

On this page, you can find more information about the Green Hub Twente Team and what we can help you with.

Student Green Officers

Research & Education |
Ivona Glišić
Research & Education Officer

Studying BSc Chemical Science & Engineering

"Strive for the changes that will assure us, and our inheritors balanced and resilient lives."

Avinash Ghanta
Research & Education Officer || Research

Studying MSc Sustainable Energy Technology

"I would be your contact if you have any quires regarding research networking, database, UT researchers/ PhD/ Research groups working on sustainability and energy transition"

Benny Jabold
Research & Education Officer
Alexey Chechin
Operations & Consulting Officer

Studying BSc Civil Engineering

Dhananjay Patil
Operations & Consulting Officer

MSc Industrial Design Engineering

Juan Diego Alvear Cardenas
Operations & Consulting Officer
Victor Weber
Internal Operations & Consulting Officer

"I'm the contact person for CFM and stakeholders"

Aleksandra Popovic
Marketing and Content Officer
Zannat Ara Ghani
Policy & Community Manager
Dario Perfigli
Marketing & Content Officer

MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

Daria Damian
Event Officer

Studying BSc Mechanical Engineering

Liselot van Veen
Graphic Designer & UX/UI Officer

MSc Interaction Technology

Specialist Support Officers

Project Portfolio Manager
Efia Boakye Addo
Project Portfolio Manager

Studying MSc Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation

"Sustainability means living a lifestyle in which one considers the future generation and the environment (nature) within the actions of their everyday life"

UX/UI Design Officer
Lara Monteagudo
UX/UI Design Officer

Studying MSc Industrial Design Engineering

Policy & Liaison Officer
Felix Klann
Policy & Liaison Officer

Studying MSc European Studies

" I am your contact if you need help navigating the sustainability stakeholders and policy of the University or Green Hub, or if you want to initially reach out to us!"  

Organisational Development & HR Officer
Amalia Bălan
Organisational Development & HR Officer

Studying BSc Communication Science

Aylin Ünes
Community and Well-being Officer

Portfolio Emails

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  3. Marketing, Community & Communications:
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Green Hub Coordinator

Alex Baker-Friesen Dr.
Green Hub Coordinator

Organisational transformation specialist with a background in complex systems, sustainability science, and the earth sciences.

"To me, Sustainability is the balanced state we reach once we are back in equilibrium with the natural environment as a species; we have to transform towards that state collectively with a holistic, inclusive and intersectional approach."