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The central point for sustainability knowledge and initiatives at the UT

In August 2020, the Green Hub was founded in the University of Twente.
Green Hub Twente is the central point where actionable knowledge and initiatives across a holistic specturm of sustainability matters converge and reinforce each other. The Green Hub plays an active role in the change management for sustainability at the UT. In doing so, it supports the SEE-Programme in shaping and tracking UT’s sustainability policies over time as these relate to different parts of the UT organisation. It also galvanises a bottom-up movement for sustainability within the UT community and acts as a channel to the rest of the organisation, horizontally and vertically. 

Green Hub Twente is student-driven and staff-supported and follows the internationally recognised principles of the Green Office Model. The Student Green Officers also develop skills and competencies for managing and leading on sustainability in professional life, with guidance from the Coordinator, support team, and associated partners and mentors in the growing Green Hub ecosystem. 

Its Green Officers manage real-time projects within and around the university and are establishing a network of diverse stakeholders in the public, private, and social spheres in the region. They are thus empowered as sustainability professionals, activists and entrepreneurs, who, after their time at the Green Hub, can better navigate organisational transformations to sustainability in business and in broader society.

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For more information contact us via e-mail: or social media. For specific matters on the UT's transformation to sustainability, contact Alex, preferably by phone (he gets a lot of emails!).

dr. A.R.W. Baker - Friesen (Alex)
Manager & Coordinator, Green Hub Twente