Share your train travel experience with us

Share your train travel experiences with us

University of Twente would like to reduce the CO2-impact of travel. Therefore, we are working on a map that can help employees and students to find what cities can be easily reached by train. The goal is to change the norm from flying to taking the train to these cities. Through this short survey, we’d like to gather information on your experiences and reasons for taking the train.

If you have any questions about this survey or about the train map, please contact Brechje Marechal.

B. Marechal MSc (Brechje)
Environment & Sustainability Policy Officer & Programme Manager SEE


From where to where did you travel? Please enter the name of the cities.


How many transfers did you have?


We'd like you to share your name and email adress with us in case we have follow-up questions. However, it is not mandatory to fill these out.