How to obtain?

The visa deparment of the University of Twente will guide Bachelor's, (Pre-)Master's and Exchange students through the process the coming months. It is important to take note of the different steps involved. Completing the steps early on will enable you to arrange your visa, housing and other formalities sooner. Please note: every non-EU student needs to go through the process, including students who already have a residence permit as we need to verify this.

To start your entry visa/residence permit application procedure, you have to return your responce on the Offer of Admission to the University of Twente. Exchange students do not need to complete this form; they will be contacted by the University of Twente. After the Univeristy of Twente has processed your Offer of Admission (this could take a couple of days after you respondend) you will be informed via email. Then you need to complete your first visa steps, therfore you have to go to your Osiris account to respond to the initial questions and start the visa process. If you miss a deadline we cannot apply for (or verify) your visa/residence permit and you will not be able to start your studies at the University of Twente.

Step 1 – Respond to visa questions in Osiris

In the initial questions for the visa procedure are general questions for you. Besides that you have to upload the following documents (if applicable). Please be aware of the deadlines.

  • A copy (back and front) of your Dutch or European residence permit.
  • Students with the Chinese nationality have to upload their Nuffic certificate. All Chinese students need to submit a NUFFIC certificate for the visa application. Please ask NUFFIC to send the original certificate to the University of Twente. For more information about the NUFFIC certificate please visit the NUFFIC website.
Step 2 – Payment of fees and upload proof of finances

Please note: this step has recently been changed. Read this step carefully, even if you have read it before.

Tuition fees

Dutch law requires non-EU students to pay tuition fees for the first year beforehand. The official visa application process will be started after the University of Twente has received the tuition fees. Please have a look at the deadlines for more information.

Proof of financial means & visa application fee

Non-EU students are also required to provide proof of sufficient financial means for living in the Netherlands. Bachelor/Master students need to prove financial means of € 11,000, whereas exchange students need to prove € 875 per month. To prove your financial means, the University of Twente will ask you for a scholarship award letter and/or bank statement. 

The fee to apply for a visa is 192,- euro. You will pay this to the University, and the University will transfer it to the IND. Should you not be able to attend the Univeristy of Twente because you failed to meet the requirements, the visa application fee will nog be refuned.

Step 3 – Upload documents for visa arrangements

You have to upload different documents for the University of Twente to arrange your visa arrangements. Please be aware of the deadlines.

  • Copy of your passport, make sure you include all pages, also the empty ones.
  • Your antecedents form (the form is provided in the questionnaire). Before you upload it, make sure you have ticked the box and signed it with today's date.
  • Your Tuberculosis document, depending on your country (the form and country list is provided in the questionnaire). 
  • Your declaration of intent (the form is provided in the questionnaire). If you are an Exchange student, you do not need to fill in a Declaration of Intent.

What’s next in the visa process?
We will apply for your visa with the IND (Dutch Immigration Service) after you have completed all of the steps above and inform you via email. You will receive an email once your visa has been granted. This normally takes about four weeks after your application has been sent to the IND.

Check our website for more detailed information for international students.