Tai Chi

The attention and energy that the daily life costs on mental and physical level is the last decade increased sharply. The result is that human beings are increasingly difficult to preserve the balance in his life with in many cases result in health problems!

Tai chi helps peoples body and mind to relax so that the energy attitude gets the chance to get in balance with the result that every body cell is fed with the right amount of energy. Tai chi carries on this way to a society with healthy people who energetic stand in life.

Threads in which theory and practice are covered include:

  • Basics
  • Tai Chi breathing techniques
  • Massage techniques
  • Nutritional recommendations

Exercise lesson can be followed without footwear (bare feet/Socks) or indoor shoes.

Program 2016-2017


Tuesday 17.00-18.00h Sportzaal 3 

OR Thursday 8.00-9.00h Dojo 


18 April 2017


10 weeks


€20,= for UnionCard houlders


€35,= for CampusCard houlders (employees and other users)


Sportzaal 3


Jelle Abma



Course periods:

  1. 5 September to 11 November
  2. 14 November to 3 February (with the exception of the Christmas holidays 26 December till 8 January)
  3. 6 February to 14 April
  4. 17 April to 30 June


At this moment it’s not possible to register online for this course, because the last period of this year is almost over. Do you want to follow a few classes before the period is over? You can contact our secretariat for more information.

All information about the registration can be found here.

More information?
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