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Catering / Sports canteen

In the Sports Canteen you can restore from you workout or game. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a refreshing sports drink and get something to eat. 

The canteen is run by the Foundation Canteen Sports UT and has a collaboration with the Sports Centre. The ideal combination of sports facilities of the Sports Centre. Sports associations provide volunteers to work behind the bar in the Sports Canteen.  

For information about the Sports Canteen: www.sportkantine-ut.nl


Wim Senger (canteen caretaker)
T: +31534896839
E: w.f.m.senger@utwente.nl

Mailing address:
Stichting Kantine Sportcentrum UT
Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede

Visit address:
Kantine Sportcentrum UT
de Hems 20
7522 NL Enschede