Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability

Research topic: sustainable energy and society

Research group: Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development
People involved: Maarten Arentsen; Frans Coenen; Joy Clancy
Contact: (053 4895772);;

The Department

CSTM is the Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development at the University of Twente and was established in 1988. CSTM is now a department within the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS) of the University of Twente. IGS is the research institute covering the research in the human touch part of the university. The focus in teaching and research is on energy, water and climate change. In the SET program CSTM offers the three non-technical courses: Designing Business Models for Sustainable Energy, Energy, Sustainability & Society and System Innovation and Strategic Niche Management.

Graduation profiles

SET students interested in graduating in a sociotechnical topic can choose three different profiles in their electives and specialization courses:

Given the focus of SET, students are strongly recommended to combine a sociotechnical focus with a substantive part of technical research in their thesis work.

Thesis projects

Energy research at CSTM is part of the Green Energy Initiative of the University and, therefore, have a strong link with the technical energy research of the university. There are several potential projects in which SET students can participate:

1. BE20

This project focuses on implementation of bioenergy technology in the province of Overijssel with torrefaction and pyrolysis as major technologies.

2. Biomass supply chains

This project focuses on the technical and economical optimization of (international) biomass supply chains.

3. Energy and smart grids

This project focuses on human behavior in and organization and governance of smart grids.