Individual project

Procedures of doing an individual project

The individual project (10EC study load) replaces the internship for a student from a Dutch HBO-university. On an individual base it may be used for other students. The main objective of the individual project for the student is to learn to apply a suitable research methodology under supervision. Therefore, this individual project also serves as a preparation for the master’s thesis. See the Osiris course catalogue for more details about the project. The student can follow the procedure below for doing an individual project.

1.      Finding an individual project

The student may consult with the programme mentor to choose an interesting topic for an individual project. This project can be done either inside or outside the group of the specialization. Doing a project outside the group must be proved to be relevant to the specialization of the student. After finding an interesting topic for the individual project, the student needs to contact the project leader (PhD candidate or staff member) and discuss the possible content of the project.  Finally, a staff member is required to be responsible for the project and as an examiner.

2.      Agreement of the individual project

An agreement form is required to be filled out by the student and the staff member, together with a clear starting date and an end date. In case of the project description in the agreement, the staff member and the student needs to fill in the plan and task of the project. The main objective of the agreement is to get the guarantee of a topic set of a suitable scientific level, a feasible study load for the project and help the student to finish the tasks under proper supervision within a limited time period.

The agreement form of the individual project can be downloaded here.

3.      Assessment of the individual project

As a finalization of the project, the student must write a report and give an oral presentation. The work of the project is assessed by the staff member (examiner) in these criteria:  scientific quality (50%), communication (30%) and organization, planning, collaboration (20%). The examiner will give strong points and suggestions for improvement, and score in each criteria. A final grade is obtained based on the weighting of each criteria.

For further details of the assessment, an assessment form can be downloaded here.

4.      Submission to the educational office

Both the agreement and the assessment of the individual project must be submitted to the educational office.