Master SC

General outline

The Systems & Control master’s programme is a two-year programme. The programme is organized in quarters. Each quarter contains 10 weeks and two quarters constitute a semester.

The unit of credit is the European Credit (EC). One EC stands for 28 hours of study-load. An academic year is 60 EC, which coincides with 1680 working hours . The master’s programme is 120 EC.

The curriculum consists of the following elements:






Compulsory Courses



Profile Specific and Elective Courses



Practical training (traineeship)



Graduation Project

Compulsory courses

All students have to follow five courses: four courses are obtained from one of the four different technical themes of the programme:

  • Modelling
  • Analysis and simulation
  • Prediction and estimation
  • Control

The last compulsory course is non-technical. It aims to give an insight into the impact, which your activities will have on society. For course details see “courses” on this website.

Profile Specific and Elective Courses

There is no set of compulsory profile specific courses. Instead you may contact the programme mentor of the specialisation you chose to discuss your profile specific courses. The remaining courses in your programme can be chosen more or less freely.

However, the programme as a whole has to be approved by the examination board.

For course details see “courses” on this website.

You can find the programme mentors under the “Organisation” item.