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Flexible degree programme

It is possible to compose a flexible degree programme. This means that the student assembles a master’s programme from elements from several programmes. The programme will have to be offered for approval to the Board of Examiners of the regular programme that is represented best in the proposal. Below it is assumed that this regular programme will be Systems & Control.

Regulations regarding the flexible degree programme

  • It must be equivalent to a regular Systems & Control master's programme in terms of scope, breadth and depth;
  • It should contain clear goals and aims;
  • The deviation from any of the specialisations of the Systems & Control programme should be at least 30 ECs while still ensuring coherence in terms of content;
  • The level of the programme must match the objectives and programme intended learning outcomes that apply to the Systems & Control programme for which the student is enrolled.

How to assemble a flexible degree programme

First you should formulate for yourself ideas about your programme: which interests do you have, what should be the topic of our master’s thesis and which courses are relevant for you. Next you contact a full or associate professor in one of the groups, related to the programme, who might have the expertise to supervise you during your study. This person will be your programme mentor and probably also will be the chairperson of your graduation committee. Below we call this person your programme mentor

With this programme mentor you discuss the content of your programme: the topic of your master’s thesis and the courses that you will follow. You don’t need a specific description of the internship at this moment but its contents will have to correspond to the topics of your flexible degree programme.

Procedure for application

Please submit the application at the appropriate web application page of the examination board (see left menu).

The following documents are necessary:

Attachment 1

Request letter. This is the letter in which you describe and motivate your programme. Please indicate how your programme deviates from the existing S&C-specialisations.

Attachment 2

Detailed study progress overview Osiris

Attachment 3

The registration form course programme. In case of a flexible degree programme this form should be signed by your programme mentor.

Attachment 4

A description of the master’s thesis project. If you are already preparing you master’s thesis project, you  may use the registration form in the Mobility Online system. If you are still following your course programme, your programme mentor and you should write a provisional description of the master’s thesis project. The programme mentor must confirm agreement with this description.