Article 1: Preamble

  1. These regulations are applicable to the Program Committee of the MSc programme Systems & Control, further referred to as PC-S&C;
  2. These regulations cannot be in conflict with the Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (WHW, Law on Higher Education) or with other applicable regulations of the University of Twente and of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), such as the Teaching & Examination Rules (TER) applicable to the programme and the Rules & Guidelines of the Examination Board EEMCS. A clause in these bylaws that is in conflict with the WHW or with another applicable regulation, is to be regarded as not written.

Article 2: Chair and registrar

  1. The PC-S&C appoints a chair who is one of the staff members of the PC-S&C. Alternatively, the PC-S&C can decide to appoint co-chairs who will jointly take care of the chair’s tasks;
  2. The PC-S&C is entitled to a registrar who is not a member of the PC-S&C;
  3. The chair of the PC-S&C drafts, in consultation with the vice-chair and registrar the agenda of the meeting. The chair presides the meeting;
  4. The PC-S&C appoints a vice-chair who in case of absence of the chair will act as a replacement for the chair;
  5. The registrar is responsible for sending the agenda, the meeting documents and the minutes of the previous meeting in due time before the meeting. The minutes of the meeting are taken by a minutes secretary under the responsibility of the registrar. After approval of the minutes, the registrar takes care that these are published on the website of the PC-S&C. In case of absence of the registrar, the program director arranges a substitute.

Article 3: Annual circle and planning

The PC-S&C will draft an annual circle and planning.

Article 4: Meeting PC-S&C

  1. The PC-S&C meetings are public;
  2. The PC-S&C meets at least 4 times annually;
  3. Members of the PC-S&C will receive the agenda and corresponding documents at least four working days before the PC-S&C meeting;
  4. The PC-S&C can only decide on an advice when at least half plus one of the total number of members are present;
  5. Every member of the PC-S&C has a vote. A PC-S&C member can authorize another member to vote on behalf of him or her, if and only if the subject which has to be voted on is put on the agenda prior to the meeting and the authorizing member has taken knowledge on the subject and has sent a written authorization to the registrar. A member of PC-S&C cannot be authorized by more than one other member;
  6. Decisions made by PC-S&C are done via a majority vote, i.e. if more members vote in favour of a proposal than against, it is adopted, or else it is rejected.

Article 5: Minutes

  1. Draft minutes of a PC-S&C meeting are taken in agreement with article 2, clause 5. These draft minutes will be discussed in the next PC-S&C meeting. Any agreed changes will be adopted in the minutes of the last-mentioned PC-S&C meeting;
  2. The minutes are made public in agreement with article 2, clause 5.

Article 6: Enactment and commissioning

These regulations are enacted by the PC-S&C. These regulations are introduced since 1 December 2019.