Programme committee

The members of the Programme Committee are students as well as teachers and is also known as OLC (opleidingscommissie in Dutch).

The programme committee is an advisory board for the programme director and has to be heard regarding all educational matters. This includes course programmes, study load, timetables, resolution of complaints and course evaluations.


The Programme Committee is chaired by two co-chairs, prof.dr. S. Misra and R.G.K.M. Aarts (see below for contact data), who jointly take care of the tasks for the chair of this committee.

Faculty members

prof.dr. S. Misra (Sarthak)
Full Professor Surgical Robotics
dr. F.C. Nex (Francesco)
Associate Professor
+31534896639 R.G.K.M. Aarts (Ronald)
Associate Professor

Student members

Bhanu Teja Chidura

Alejandro Lopez Tellez

Vignesh Balaji Vijayan

Secretary / contact

M.I. van der Kooij (Mirande)
Employee Office for Educational Affairs EEMCS

Apart from the members, the programme director, Maarten Korsten, and the programme coordinator, Jorien Berendsen, also attend the committee meetings.

Bylaws and other documents

The current bylaws of the Programme Committee as well as advices, agendas and minutes are available. Documents of the academic years 2020/2021, 2019/2020 and 2018/2019 are presented in annual overviews. Older documents are sorted per document type (and mostly in Dutch).

Academic year 2021-2022
Academic year 2020-2021
Academic year 2019-2020
Academic year 2018-2019