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Robotics & Mechatronics

This specialization is the continuation of the MSc programme Mechatronics. The research is more and more in the field of advanced robotics, including robotics in medical applications.

Mechatronics involves a synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and measurement and control in the design of products and processes. It focuses on Mechatronic Design that can be defined as: the integrated and optimal design of a mechanical system and its embedded control system.

By means of an integrated design of the mechanical parts and the measurement and control system, realised in electronic circuits or as an embedded computer programme, mechanical constructions can get a superior performance, lower price and can become more flexible. Well known examples are the audio CD-player and its successors the CD-ROM and DVD as well as many automotive applications, robots, advanced production machines and so on.

To present a coherent package of courses and lab works, this wide application area inevitably means that the programme will consist of specializations in one application area; the possibility to tailor the programme to individual needs is kept open.

Programme mentor W. Roozing (Wesley)
Assistant Professor

Wesley has replaced Gijs Krijnen, starting at September 1st 2020.

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Robotics & Mechatronics

Applied Mechanics and Data Analysis

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