Programme Structure

The first year of the MSc Robotics programme consists of three components:

  1. Specialisation courses
  2. Profile courses
  3. Free electives

Specialisation (30 EC)

Profile (10 EC)

 Free electives (20 EC)

Mechatronics & Physical AI


Max. 2 courses defined by research group (≤ 10 EC)

Algorithms & Software AI


Human-Robot Interaction & Social AI

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In the second year there are three variants of the first part of the year next to the MSc-thesis project:

  1. Internship (20 EC)
  2. Academic Skills project (10 EC) and electives (10 EC)
  3. Electives, deepening courses (20 EC)

Internship (20 EC)

MSc-thesis project (40 EC)

Academic-skills project (10 EC)

Electives (10 EC)

Electives, deepening courses (20 EC)


The three specialisations of the MSc Robotics programme are founded on the following definition of a robot: 

Robot = "A mechanism that moves in an environment, with at least some autonomy or some interaction".

The specialisation Mechatronics and Physical AI links to the movement of a robot in it's environment. Mechatronics is the comination of Mechanics, Electronics, Control, and Computing. Physical AI stands for intelligence by design; solving problems that involve direct interaction with the physical world.

The specialisation Algorithms and Software AI links to the autonomy of the robot. It is all about the brains of the robot; developing smart algorithms for perception, cogniton, and navigation of the robot.

The specialisation Human-Robot Interaction and Social AI links to the interaction with the robot and specifically the social interaction with a human. Social AI stands for the combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence.

Within each specialisation there are 6 compulsory courses that provide you with a strong robotics basis.


The three profiles of the MSc Robotics are there to colour your own programme towards your future career.

The profile Research prepares for a career in academia; if you are thinking of doing a PhD after your graduation. Within this profile you have to select 2 deepening courses (specfic lists for each specialisation). Furthermore, instead of an internship in your second year you can choose 4 more course to further deepen your knowledge on specific topics.

The profile Design prepares for a career at a robotics company through offering courses on development, creation, and engineering. This profile offers the possiblity to do a MSc-thesis project outside the UT with the requirements that supervision at the UT is guarenteed and no internship outside UT is done (courses instead).

The profile Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares for a career in business or the start of a spin-off through offering business-oriented courses. Within this profile you will do the Innovation Tournament (compulsory for this profile) during which you will go through all the steps of the innovation cycle. Next to this course, you can select one more course from the prescribed list of electives for this profile.


The remaining EC of your MSc Robotics programme can be filled with elective courses that are already in the lists of other specialisations and profiles or listed in the list of MSc Robotics electives

In preparation of your MSc-thesis project you might need to have completed 1-2 courses that are prescribed by the research group or researcher where you want to do your MSc-thesis project. Please contact them before finalizing your course programme.