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There’s no getting away from it – the coronavirus outbreak has turned the world upside down. Its impact has been – and continues to be – enormous. For everybody. Could we not have expected this? Could we not have realised how great the impact would be on society, on the economy, and on organisations? Should and could we not have been more aware of the risks inevitably associated with the pandemic, now and in the future? And what can we learn from what has already happened?

Risk & Resilience speakers from around the world discuss the consequences of the current pandemic.
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From big data to risk management, from festival to online

We had big plans for the Risk & Resilience Festival on 5 November this year. Our aim was to organise a lively festival, with the main theme being ‘Big Data’. But that theme is not really suited to this day and age, nor is a festival. Large numbers of people meeting to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge is not appropriate – not at present. That is why we and co-organisers PRIMO and the Genootschap voor Risicomanagement have decided on a more fitting theme: ‘After the crisis? Implications for managing risk and resilience’. A modified theme, in other words. And in a different form. We will be holding lively and inspiring online sessions instead of a lively and inspiring festival.

The importance of risk management and resilient organisations

The importance of our field of study is clear now more than ever. What can we learn from everything that has happened? And how well prepared are we for everything that could still happen? Because make no mistake – the risks of a worldwide virus outbreak that can be fatal for humans was not in the top five risks facing society. So how do we prevent ourselves being caught off guard again by a virus that disrupts the world, the economy, and our personal lives, drastically altering the way we live, possibly for ever?

Instructive and inspring online meetings

Our three-day online event will consist of interactive, surprising and instructive sessions. During these sessions, academics, risk managers, and professionals will gather to learn from each other and look for the questions that need to be answered so organisations will be better prepared for all possible events that could occur right now or in the future. Can you help us find the answers? Be prepared!

Practical information

Written report Risk & Resilience Online

We will publish reports from Risk & Resilience Online on the websites of the University of Twente, Genootschap voor Risicomanagement and PRIMO. As a participant, you will also be able to watch all recorded online sessions and events at a later date


The first day will be held in English. The second day we focus on the Dutch sectors. Some sessions will be in English and some in Dutch. This depends on the number of English participants per session. More information about this will come as soon as possible. The third day is in Dutch. 


Access to the Risk & Resilience Online event is €45,-. UT students and staff can take part in the event free of charge.

Is your organisation interested in supporting us?

Are you and your company or organisation interested in sponsoring Risk & Resilience Online? Please do! Get in touch with us and your company name will get pride of place on our website.

What:                  Risk & Resilience Online

Theme:                After the crisis? Implications for managing risk and resilience

When:                 Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November 2020 (16.00 - 18.00). Feel free to attend only parts of the event.

Aim:                     To bring together research results, research methods, expertise, ideas on and experience with managing a crisis – caused by a pandemic – and to determine together what the impact is on our field of study: managing risk and resilience. What can we learn from it and what will we do about it? What should we do now?

Organisation:    University of Twente & Genootschap voor Risicomanagement & PRIMO

Where:               Online, from your own office or at your own kitchen table