Course/module evaluation and improvement actions

Within the Psychology program (bachelor & (pre) master) we evaluate and improve our education in several ways. Course evaluation is aimed at continuing improvement of our education by:

  • Students opinion. We collect students opinion on modules in the bachelor programmes and courses in the (pre-) master programmes. This is done by a questionnaire for all course participants and (for bachelor/pre-master) by panel meetings with representatives of the student year group.
  • Report. The student opinion results are reported to the programme management and teaching staff. Teaching staff and management reflect on the student opinion and other aspects of education such as achieved results and operational matters.
  • Improvement actions. Teaching staff and programme management agree improvement actions. The programme committee advises about the evaluation results and intended improvement actions. The programme committee is an advising committee constituted with an equal number of Psychology students and staff, chaired by a lecturer. The committee advises the programme director about all educational affaires.
  • Communication about student opinion results and improvement actions. On the 'Intranet' (only accessible for UT students and staff) we communicate student opinions: on this website the Quality Support Team publishes the evaluation results for all BMS studies. As a student you can take a look at the evaluation results and planned improvement action for a particular module/course for the bachelor's programme and the master's programme.
  • More information about the procedural aspects of quality assurance within the BMS faculty can be found on the website: