Graduation procedure

Milestones along the road to graduation

The process of Final Project completion is outlined in the following table, which identifies the different phases and formal procedures. The student’s progression is marked by three milestone forms, which need to be handed in at the Educational Affairs Office (EAO) of PSTS, located in Ravelijn 3284. Students can find these forms in the appendixes A, B and C. Besides that, you must register your Final Project in Mobility Online. 

Year # 1





End of Year 1

  • Explore specialization tracks in the 2nd year
  • Choose a profile
  • Deadline for choice profile: June 1
  • Hand in Milestone 1 (Appendix A)

Year # 2





Semester 1

General structure:

  • 3 profile courses
  • 2 electives
  • MasterLab 1

End Semester 1: 

  • Explore thesis subjects
  • Meet potential supervisors
  • Literature research and analysis
  • Write thesis proposal
  • Plan the final thesis process

Register your Final Project in Mobility Online (see Chapter 3 of Graduation Guide) 

  • Approved thesis proposal
  • Supervisor
  • Graduation Committee

Digital approval of start Final Project 

  • Deadline Final Project Contract and Study Plan: February 1 
  • Hand in Milestone 2 (Appendix B)

Hand in printed Mobility Online registration form at EAO  (together with Milestone 2) 

Semester 2

General structure:

  • MasterLab 2
  • Regular meetings with supervisor
  • Green light meeting
  • Graduation

Upon having submitted your thesis at the EAO: 

  • Literature research and analysis and/or empirical work and analysis.
  • Work on thesis: writing and rewriting
  • Be aware of the assessment criteria (Appendix D)

Finalise your Mobility Online registration 

  • Approved thesis
  • Oral examination
  • Public defence of final thesis

Digital approval of completion Final Project 

  • Deadline graduation request: at least 15 working days before envisaged graduation 
  • Hand in Milestone 3 (Appendix C)